Personalised and perfect, Thank you Teacher

We have created a very special and affordable gift for your child’s teacher. Again as with most of our personalised prints we have been overwhelmed by your requests and this is no exception. The idea of the print is that you choose the chid’s uniform and the child’s head that most looks like your little darling. It is so personal for the teacher as the print includes a picture and message from your own child. We had to research all the major uniform colours and created several different hair styles for boys and girls. Teachers are angels, they guide and nurture our little ones and with this print you can say thank you in the most unique and special way. Prices start form £18 for a digital print and £25 and upwards depending on frame and size choice. We offer free delivery on all our prints as we don’t believe in hidden charges. Once you place order we will create your picture and email you a proof. Your picture will be gift wrapped free of charge and despatched to you in our custom made frame boxes. Let us help you say “thank you” to someone very special.

Best teacher print


Tutti Fruiti Wedding Welly Print

We have been asked so many times to create a wedding welly version of our Welly Boot print.  We always listen to our customers so we did….  Our latest addition is the Tutti Fruiti edition, delicious, fun, and most definitely fruity.  Turning traditional wedding colour pastels into something that will complement a young and fresh home decor style.  My Mother always said pink and green should never seen, sorry mum!!!!  Tell us what colours you think should never be seen and give us the inspiration for another sweetie colour range!  We have been bowled over by so many lovely messages of thanks for our traditional wedding welly print and it has become completely obvious to us that you are demanding yet more variation and personalisation. Thank you lovely customers for your continued engagement with our product development and for such wonderful ideas… please keep them coming. We hope you enjoy “Tutti Fruiti” as much as I loved creating it.
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Magical Alphabet Fairies

Since I was a little girl I have been in love with fairies and all things magical.  This passion has never gone away and the idea of tiny magical creatures delights me to this day.  It has taken quite some time to create 26 individual fairies and letters for our new Alphabet fairy print but they were definitely worth the wait. We are over the moon to have these lovely little characters finally on sale and spreading their magic wherever they go. The colour palette is delicate and feminine and designed to blend and tone with a pastel nursery colour scheme.  Your child’s name will be lovingly crafted and we wont ever duplicate a fairy, even if more than once letter appears twice.  There are two lines of personalisation text and because we have chosen a large landscape frame means you can include long messages or even a little poem.  A beautiful keepsake for your little one or a perfect gift for someone special. SHOP Alphabet Fairy personalised print




A dad’s point of view – with two!


A wonderful and heart warming guest post from Kris, one of our Corkymandle dads…

I have an incredibly challenging job. I’m always in demand, bathroom breaks are closely supervised and, despite the number of hours I do, I never seem to have any money. No, I don’t work for Sports Direct, I’m a parent. To girls. Two of them.

Being a Daddy to girls means there are several truths you must accept; I like to think of them as wisdoms. New Dad’s won’t be able to relate to some of these, you only come to understand once they can both talk and move with any sort of conviction. By then you’ve had it. Firstly, the ‘Dad to two girls’ can expect people to say things like ‘are you trying for another then?’ or ‘do you want the set?’ I always try my hardest not to sound offended, but I usually fail. ‘What do you mean ‘the set’? they’re not Royal Doulton, they’re my children!’ The idea that I’d be so disappointed in my inability to sire male progeny that I’d be insane enough to have another is, well, insane.

Another thing about being Dad to two girls is that you should accept that you’re weak. I’m over 6ft tall and in pretty good shape, but I wilt when either of my daughters do that ‘talking slowly and looking at me with big eyes’ thing. That look has been responsible for purchases totalling hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. I think Sainsbury’s are in on it too, they should give mine commission for every magazine they’d guilted out of me.

Then there’s the bathroom. Seven years ago, I had equal priority in there, I was number two on the list. Now, I’m number 4. It happened in the same way that nature reclaims concrete highways and cities; a gradual takeover.  I didn’t resist, I was powerless. It just happened under my feet. As for number two’s, what is it about the laxative powers of me having a bath? Literally the second my skin touches the water, the door bursts open and in whirls my eldest, unashamedly announcing she ‘really needs a poo’. Radox commercials were never like this.

Even with the demands, the endless demands, it’s the best role I’ve ever had. I’m not always good at it, and frankly sometimes I’m just hopeless (any ‘girly’ related topics get redirected to Mummy). So, while I accept that I’m more ‘girls daddy’ than they are ‘daddy’s girls’ I’m not truly complete without them, and I wouldn’t change this for any other job.



Christmas Advert

We have been very busy beavering away on our Christmas ad campaigns and wanted to share this latest advert with you, featuring our ever popular London Bus and Welly print. Are you one of those brilliantly organised people who have already started planning! well if you are not don’t worry we will be taking orders right up to the 16th December


Halloween with our little Corkymandle boys

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts. Spooky streetlights and shadowy figures! These were the highlights of our boys first time “Trick or Treating”. We were dressed as a scary roaring dragon and a super cool batman whilst we toured some of the most ghastly local scare spots.

After a slightly shy and shaky start our two monsters soon warmed up to yelling “Trick or treat” at the top of their voices, which was then followed by a good rummage through a vast array of sweets and treats and always, always a polite thank you and good bye.

Our hosts were a warm and friendly bunch, including one of our school teachers, who bravely stood up to the hordes of ghostly visitors with big smiles and kind hearts.

From a very proud dad, and two very happy, excited and tired monsters.

Happy halloween!!




Flower Babies birth print – celebrate every birth

To celebrate every treasured new birth we are introducing our newest brand – the delightful Flower Babies birth print.  Each month has a birth flower and we thought it a wonderful way to mark this very special occasion.  Whatever the month or season we have a beautiful print for your beautiful baby.  Each birth flower has been carefully created using real flowers to bring an authentic yet whimsical feel. These were a long time in the making and great effort has been taken to realistically represent actual botanical structures within the flowers.

Every birth month has a meaning which we have incorporated into a special verse at the bottom of each print – just for your little ones!  We also include the season, the time of birth, birth weight and the length of the baby. Don’t worry if you don’t know the baby’s length as we will replace it with “Ten fingers and toes”.  We are also planning a dedicated boy version, which will be coming soon!

The perfect gift to mark the perfect occasion. The Flower Babies birth print is a beautiful way to remember a truly special event. We know you will love them as much as we do.   Flower Babies – Be Inspired!





The Wellington boot. According to history the Duke of Wellington instructed his shoemaker, Hoby of St James’s Street, London, to modify the 18th Century Hessian Boot.  The result was a fabricated new boot in soft calfskin leather.  The boot was dubbed the Wellington and the name stuck in the English language for ever.


  • To fill a size 10 wellington boot you would need a whole gallon of custard
  • Some crazy people fall so in love with their wellington boots, that they name each pair they have with a ‘welly naming ceremony’. We would call ours Corkys.
  • Ever heard of ‘welly wanging’? It’s a bit of a mad sport invented by the British, and started in 1917 when soldiers who often fought on the front line got bored.
  • In 2003, a wellington boot race was held in New Zealand, and became the largest wellington boot race of all time with 981 people taking part.
  • In 1900, a millionaire named Nathan Schwab ordered a pair of wellington boots. They weren’t for him though – he wanted them for his dog! Another great British love affair…
  • 7. The biggest welly ever built was a total of 8 meters high, made by the people of North Queensland, Australia.
  • 8. Famous author Oscar Wilde commented on wellies in 1888 when asked about women’s fashion. He praised them for giving women more freedom!
  • In the 20th century, you would have been able to sell your wellies for a pretty penny – rubber was more valuable than silver.
  • Miners in Africa do a ‘welly boot dance’ to cheer them up when they’re feeling low at work.

Our personalised welly boot print

Quite interesting.  Our Wellington boot personalised print is a rather special creation that represents your loved ones as Wellington boots. We have created 38 different styles and colours to choose from. We used watercolour and ink to create the lovely little rubber delights and the finished product we think is one of sophisticated fun, that looks right at home in the hallway /entrance lobby, perhaps above the children’s coat rack for a trendy look.