A dad’s point of view – with two!


A wonderful and heart warming guest post from Kris, one of our Corkymandle dads…

I have an incredibly challenging job. I’m always in demand, bathroom breaks are closely supervised and, despite the number of hours I do, I never seem to have any money. No, I don’t work for Sports Direct, I’m a parent. To girls. Two of them.

Being a Daddy to girls means there are several truths you must accept; I like to think of them as wisdoms. New Dad’s won’t be able to relate to some of these, you only come to understand once they can both talk and move with any sort of conviction. By then you’ve had it. Firstly, the ‘Dad to two girls’ can expect people to say things like ‘are you trying for another then?’ or ‘do you want the set?’ I always try my hardest not to sound offended, but I usually fail. ‘What do you mean ‘the set’? they’re not Royal Doulton, they’re my children!’ The idea that I’d be so disappointed in my inability to sire male progeny that I’d be insane enough to have another is, well, insane.

Another thing about being Dad to two girls is that you should accept that you’re weak. I’m over 6ft tall and in pretty good shape, but I wilt when either of my daughters do that ‘talking slowly and looking at me with big eyes’ thing. That look has been responsible for purchases totalling hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. I think Sainsbury’s are in on it too, they should give mine commission for every magazine they’d guilted out of me.

Then there’s the bathroom. Seven years ago, I had equal priority in there, I was number two on the list. Now, I’m number 4. It happened in the same way that nature reclaims concrete highways and cities; a gradual takeover.  I didn’t resist, I was powerless. It just happened under my feet. As for number two’s, what is it about the laxative powers of me having a bath? Literally the second my skin touches the water, the door bursts open and in whirls my eldest, unashamedly announcing she ‘really needs a poo’. Radox commercials were never like this.

Even with the demands, the endless demands, it’s the best role I’ve ever had. I’m not always good at it, and frankly sometimes I’m just hopeless (any ‘girly’ related topics get redirected to Mummy). So, while I accept that I’m more ‘girls daddy’ than they are ‘daddy’s girls’ I’m not truly complete without them, and I wouldn’t change this for any other job.



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  1. Jane

    Such a funny heart felt article – well done Kris

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