Flower Babies birth print – celebrate every birth

To celebrate every treasured new birth we are introducing our newest brand – the delightful Flower Babies birth print.  Each month has a birth flower and we thought it a wonderful way to mark this very special occasion.  Whatever the month or season we have a beautiful print for your beautiful baby.  Each birth flower has been carefully created using real flowers to bring an authentic yet whimsical feel. These were a long time in the making and great effort has been taken to realistically represent actual botanical structures within the flowers.

Every birth month has a meaning which we have incorporated into a special verse at the bottom of each print – just for your little ones!  We also include the season, the time of birth, birth weight and the length of the baby. Don’t worry if you don’t know the baby’s length as we will replace it with “Ten fingers and toes”.  We are also planning a dedicated boy version, which will be coming soon!

The perfect gift to mark the perfect occasion. The Flower Babies birth print is a beautiful way to remember a truly special event. We know you will love them as much as we do.   Flower Babies – Be Inspired!



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