Halloween with our little Corkymandle boys

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts. Spooky streetlights and shadowy figures! These were the highlights of our boys first time “Trick or Treating”. We were dressed as a scary roaring dragon and a super cool batman whilst we toured some of the most ghastly local scare spots.

After a slightly shy and shaky start our two monsters soon warmed up to yelling “Trick or treat” at the top of their voices, which was then followed by a good rummage through a vast array of sweets and treats and always, always a polite thank you and good bye.

Our hosts were a warm and friendly bunch, including one of our school teachers, who bravely stood up to the hordes of ghostly visitors with big smiles and kind hearts.

From a very proud dad, and two very happy, excited and tired monsters.

Happy halloween!!




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